Blind cat experiencing his first snow is the cutest thing you will watch today | Trending

This video posted on Reddit shows how an adorable, visually impaired cat named Snoopy experiences his first snowfall.

Videos of cats where they discover something new, or try their best to understand what this new thing is, are always a delight to watch. Just like this video posted on Reddit shows how a furry little blind cat named Snoopy experienced his first snow.

The video opens to show Snoopy in an yard where he is simply standing in the snow and looking upwards towards the sky. The snowflakes are seen falling on the catto’s face. He takes a moment to soak this experience in and with his beautiful green eyes open, meows cutely. “Is that snow? Do you like it?” asks his human as the calm cat keeps looking up. The video ends with, the cat walking on the freshly fallen snow.

“More Snoopy. His first SNOWWW,” the human wrote as the video’s caption while posting it on Reddit.

Watch it here:

Since being shared on the subReddit r/cats around 13 hours ago, this post has raked in more than 3,500 upvotes. It has also accumulated several comments from cat lovers. While replying to one such comment on the video, the original poster explained that the cat is visually impaired.

“Hahaha I love the commentary,” wrote a Redditor. “The way he walks on the snow is adorable,” pointed another. “A very happy and curious Snoopy , so adorable,” posted a third.

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