Dog-friendly Columbus restaurants and breweries allow pups on patio

For Tara Zinser, turning 22 was made even more special by Willow — a 14-week-old chocolate labrador retriever she adopted the morning of June 28, her birthday.

Later that afternoon, Zinser and Willow headed over to Seventh Son Brewing Co. not only to celebrate Zinser’s birthday but also it was the first time her friends Emily Fulk and Derek Brady took their 14-week-old black Goldendoodle puppy, Hazel, out for drinks.

2021 officially marks almost three years of enjoying pet-friendly patios in Columbus, after legislation went into effect in 2018 allowing restaurants to welcome dogs to their outdoor dining spaces, bringing  lots of joy — and lots of pups — to Columbus patios since. 

Finding dog-friendly Columbus restaurants

Courtney Spears, who recently moved from Chicago to Columbus, has nothing but good things to say about how dog-friendly Columbus has been for her and Lily, her 2-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

However, not every restaurant in Columbus is required to allow dogs, and some still prefer to keep their patios pet-free; because no matter how adorable pets may be, there are still some risks in allowing dogs into dining areas.

Emily Fulk, 24, left, and her fiance Derek Brady, 23, of Italian Village watch Hazel, a 14-week-old black miniature Goldendoodle as it drinks alongside Willow, a 14-week-old chocolate labrador retriever owned by Tara Zinser, 22, right, of Bexley.

According to John Barker, the president and CEO of the Ohio Restaurant Association, restaurants may not allow dogs in their dining area due to aesthetic reasons or the safety and comfort of other guests because of allergies or to accommodate guests’ personal preferences. “I think it’s really location, and sort of environment-dependent,” Barker said.

That’s why Spears, and many others, use the website, a platform that allows owners to rate and leave reviews about which restaurants in Columbus are pet-friendly.