Singapore insect ingredient producer Nutrition Technologies in pet food deal focused on Malaysia

Table of Contents FeedNavigator:​ Can you expand on the role of each of the partners in the project?​FEN: When will the pet food product incorporating BSFL be commercially available?​FEN: Is this the first time Nutrition Technologies is targeting the pet food market?​FEN: Has Nutrition Technologies carried out studies on the […]

Not for profit animal shelter organization, SPCA Selangor, will support the development of the pet food product ahead of its commercial launch.

We ran a Q&A with Nick Piggott, co-CEO of Singapore headquartered insect ingredient producer, Nutrition Technologies, with operating facilities in Malaysia and Vietnam, to find out more.

FeedNavigator:Can you expand on the role of each of the partners in the project?

Nick Piggott:​ Nutrition Technologies will provide the insect meal to Pet World at a heavily discounted pricing, alongside scientific studies on the benefits of using insect meal in dog food. We will also support the company in terms of application guidelines and suggested formulation, based on industry best practice, performance, and value for money. Pet World will then use the insect meal alongside other common dog food ingredients and manufacture the kibble in its new factory in Selangor, along with packaging and distributing it to the SPCA shelters. The SPCA will be responsible for distributing the food within its network and feeding it to the dogs as per the guidelines to ensure maximum benefit from the functional feed. The SPCA will feedback to Pet World and Nutrition Technologies about the performance, attractiveness of the feed, and any changes we would expect to see with regards animal health improvements.

FEN: When will the pet food product incorporating BSFL be commercially available?

NP:​ The target is within six months. This is basically determined by the product registration process. All parties would be keen to offer it sooner, however this is the timeline we expect from the authorities for getting a new product registered and approved. 

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