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Talking About Pets | Scents that are harmful to pets

Barry KuKes

Essential oils extracted from plants can be very beneficial to humans, but some can be harmful to dogs and cats. According to the website, the following essential oils are toxic to your pets.

Essential oils harmful to cats

Oils that are harmful to cats include, but are not limited to: wintergreen; sweet birch; citronella oils and candles; citrus (d-limonene); pine; ylang-ylang; peppermint; cinnamon; pennyroyal; clove; eucalyptus; tea tree (melaleuca); thyme; oregano; and lavender.

Essential oils harmful to dogs

Oils that are harmful to dogs include, but are not limited to: cinnamon; citrus (d-limonene); pennyroyal; peppermint; pine; sweet birch; tea tree (melaleuca); wintergreen; ylang-ylang; anise; clove; thyme; juniper; onion; yarrow; and garlic.

Although safe for humans to smell and even absorb through the skin, many of these oils can be poisonous and toxic to animals because the animal’s body does not process the oil in the same way as the human body.