Twitter Can’t Get Enough Of This Page Dedicated To ‘Chaotic Cat Pictures’, Here Are 35 Of Their Best Posts

Cats are some of the cutest and most fascinating animals the world has ever known. And no matter how hard we try to satiate our desire for cat content, we just cat– Sorry, we just can’t get enough. We’ve covered the heartwarming transformations cats have gone through after being adopted into loving homes, memes we would tag our kitties in if their little paws could use Twitter, photos celebrating their adorable murder mittens, and pics that scream powerful meow energy

Today, however, we’re on a new mission. Exploring one of the other features of cats that all cat parents are sure to know and love: their chaotic side. They are essentially wild animals, right? So it only makes sense to feature them embracing their chaotic nature. From inexplicably finding their way onto the highest point in their homes to sticking their little heads in places they definitely don’t belong, we’ve gathered some of the cutest and most confusing pics from the Chaotic Cat Pictures Twitter account down below for all of you feline lovers to enjoy, as well as an interview with the creator of this beloved account. 

Be sure to upvote the pics you find particularly chaotic, and then let us know in the comments what the wildest thing you’ve ever witnessed your cat doing was. This is far from the first or last cat article Bored Panda will ever publish, but it just might be the most cat-otic!

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