First veterinarian-formulated supplement aims to slow down the clock in healthy adult dogs and to turn back the clock in senior dogs. Arterra, an Austin, Texas-based dog supplement brand that committed to helping dogs live happier, healthier, longer lives, announces its availability today – and we’re delighted to be the […]

A new nonprofit is launching in San Antonio that aims to aid dog rescue organizations and shelters that are feeling the pressure of pandemic dogs and cats that are now being surrendered. Puppy Food Bank, which is officially launching its website in January, is a food bank that will help shelters […]

ARLINGTON, WASH. — Primal Pet Food Group’s brand Himalayan Pet Supply launched a new line of long-lasting dog chews on Dec. 9. The chews are easily digestible and made with all-natural and limited ingredients. Himalayan Corporation originally debuted its Himalayan-style dog chews in 2008, which lead a nearly $80 million […]

CHARLESTON, SC. — Opal Pets, a manufacturer of vegan animal nutrition products, launched its new vitamin supplement — Perfect Powder. The powder is a complete vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement that can enhance a complete-and-balanced plant-based diet. “Do you want your dog to be healthier, live longer, or just […]

ORLANDO, FLA. — Zesty Paws expanded its supplement portfolio with the launch of three cat supplements: Hemp Elements Plus™ Calming Bites™, Hemp Elements Plus™ Hairball Bites™ and Aller-Immune Bites™. Two of the supplements contain CBD created in partnership with CBDistillery™, a distributor and retailer of hemp-derived CBD. “As the cat […]

ORLANDO, FLA. — Solid Gold launched its new calming supplement for dogs: Keep Calm & Wag On Supplement Chews. The supplement is formulated with Bioboost™, a proprietary blend that can improve nutrient absorption in dogs to support overall health and wellness. The new bacon-flavored, calming supplement is designed to help […]

If you hadn’t heard, Coastal Grandmother is the latest fashion trend to have swept social media. The aesthetic, inspired by Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give (but honestly, it’s pretty representative of the wonderful Oscar winning actress in pretty much any of her movies), is rooted in minimalism and the […]