We have a better overview of relevant feed management data Over the last years, a true digitalisation is taking place in animal nutrition that creates more opportunities for precision feeding strategies. We have more farm and feed data available (e.g., from automatic feeders or sensors) and better (more user-friendly) online […]

Its ruminant R&D team recently gathered new data to quantify the effects of its rumen-specific live yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 ​(LEVUCELL SC), on neutral detergent fiber (NDF) degradation in a large range of forage samples in vivo.​ The company said it now has an unmatched database of several hundreds of […]

The scientists behind a recently released review article conclude that krill meal is an effective functional ingredient for shrimp feed that can mitigate some of the challenges related to the stagnating supply of fish meal, including nutrition and growth performance, while remaining cost effective for producers. “Across the aquaculture industry, […]

“MarketsandMarkets™” Asia Pacific leads the global probiotics in the animal feed. Factors such as a large livestock base, high meat consumption, and increasing consumer awareness about the positive impact of probiotics on animal health drive the Asia Pacific market. The global Probiotics in Animal Feed Market was valued at USD […]

In the last 60 years, the agriculture industry has accomplished some amazing feats. Global agricultural productivity has nearly doubled since 1960 (USDA ERS, 2021). Animal production has nearly tripled in outputs while inputs for land and labor have only risen by about 30% globally.​ However, producers still grapple with many […]

Across the United States, roughly a quarter of all food produced is directly consumed. That includes fruit, vegetables, wheat, corn, soybeans, nuts, barley and more. A smaller portion goes to biofuels and ethanol. And the rest—about two-thirds of all crops—goes to animal feed.  Much of that feed is made of […]