Yeast producer Lallemand develops program to allow dairy nutritionists precisely adjust rations to maximize income over feed costs

Its ruminant R&D team recently gathered new data to quantify the effects of its rumen-specific live yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 ​(LEVUCELL SC), on neutral detergent fiber (NDF) degradation in a large range of forage samples in vivo.

The company said it now has an unmatched database of several hundreds of samples from around the world, representing nine forage types of various quality, with the dataset integrated into industry standard formulation software.

We cover around 95% of the forage types being used in rations around the world, taking into account also the huge variances in terms of quality within each category,” ​said Aurélien Piron, technical manager – ruminant, Lallemand Animal Nutrition, who led the project.

This tool was developed for nutritionists who are responsible for maximizing income for farmers through strategies that support optimal feed efficiency and high performing, healthy cows.

With that database integrated into feed formulation program, nutritionists can evaluate the quantitative response of S. cerevisiae CNCM I-1077​ on animal performance based on their specific diet composition and forage quality.

It allows them to precisely adjust rations to either increase milk revenue per kg of feed or to optimize feed cost with similar revenue as the technology offers nutritionists the flexibility to change raw materials, or switch to new source of non-edible human food. Likewise, they can also decide to use low quality forages to formulate in a more sustainable way.

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