Strategy and creative firm MarketPlace Branding has been serving the pet and human nutrition markets since 2002. Recently, it published a new report​ that highlights trends, many of which we’ve seen embraced by humans. Nicole Hill, executive director of strategy at MarketPlace delved into some of the key insights from the research study on […]

Cat hairball FAQs Cat hairball treats are a good option for cats who don’t like gels. Chewy Why do cats get hairballs? Cats inadvertently develop hairballs when they groom themselves. “When a cat grooms, they swallow some of the loose hair from their coat,” says Dr. Jamie Whittenburg, veterinarian and […]

After the 2018 Farm Bill removed most hemp products from the Controlled Substances Act, cannabis-based consumables proliferated for dogs, cats and other pets. While hemp seed oil, hearts and protein powder are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, cannabidiol (CBD) remains in regulatory limbo. Likewise, […]

BOSTON — Lintbells, a pet supplement manufacturer, announced that it has received B Corp status, verifying its social and environmental performance. According to Lintbells, it is one of 11 pet care companies throughout the globe to be awarded B Corp certification. Lintbells is known for its supplement brand YuMOVE, which […]

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more Humans often use probiotics to help themselves maintain a healthy gut microbiome, and these bacteria can serve the same purpose for pets. The best probiotics for dogs may ease digestive discomfort or keep it at bay. […]

Just like people, every dog is unique. They range in breed, size, and coat color—and just like us, they each have their own wellness needs, too. When we have concerns about our well-being—from stiff joints to digestive issues—we often turn to supplements (after discussing with our doctor, of course) to […]

First veterinarian-formulated supplement aims to slow down the clock in healthy adult dogs and to turn back the clock in senior dogs. Arterra, an Austin, Texas-based dog supplement brand that committed to helping dogs live happier, healthier, longer lives, announces its availability today – and we’re delighted to be the […]

Under the Weather Pet has launched additions to its product line coming January 2024. The expansion includes calming peanut butter packets, colostrum for dogs, first-aid products and a variety of other supplements. The company is launching ‘PB and Chill’ Calming Peanut Butter Packets, available in 6-packs and 18-pack POS display units for […]

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.  Are you giving your furry friend the best care possible? As dog owners, we want our four-legged companions to live long and healthy lives. That’s why it’s crucial to address their nutritional needs. Just like humans, dogs require essential nutrients to thrive. However, their […]