Next to food, supplements and other health-oriented products are widely considered of the utmost importance for a pet’s overall wellness. While cannabidiol (CBD) products continue to grow in popularity, consumers are constantly seeking out other supplements that address common health issues. Dog ailments typically involve hip and joint, skin and

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Everyone loves their pets, especially with many people adding a furry family member during the pandemic.

But unfortunately, “pet parenthood” keeps getting more expensive, even as other prices drop.

Stevie Miller loves her Australian shepherd, Jasper, but says food and other expenses are getting pricey.

“It’s a little bit higher,”

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The healthcare and supplement categories continue to grow in sales and popularity for both humans and pets, and cat healthcare products are no exception. Pet parents are becoming more knowledgeable and concerned about the importance of being proactive when it comes to the health of their feline friends.

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