Adisseo announces the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of Nor-Feed and positions itself on a new range of sustainable and natural specialty ingredients for Animal Nutrition Release time:2022-12-15 The Adisseo group announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire Nor-Feed and its subsidiaries, a French group that […]

In the last 60 years, the agriculture industry has accomplished some amazing feats. Global agricultural productivity has nearly doubled since 1960 (USDA ERS, 2021). Animal production has nearly tripled in outputs while inputs for land and labor have only risen by about 30% globally.​ However, producers still grapple with many […]

As our climate changes, so will our diets. Fix’s Future of Food Issue explores that reality through the lens of foods that show what sustainable, equitable, and resilient eating could look like. Try them yourself with the recipes in our Climate Future Cookbook. Cats and dogs eat a lot of […]

Across the United States, roughly a quarter of all food produced is directly consumed. That includes fruit, vegetables, wheat, corn, soybeans, nuts, barley and more. A smaller portion goes to biofuels and ethanol. And the rest—about two-thirds of all crops—goes to animal feed.  Much of that feed is made of […]