All you need to know about dog joint care supplements

Pet nutritional supplements will keep your dog’s joints in good health.. One of the most frequent ailments that dogs have is joint pain. According to a survey of 200 veterinarians, joint pains affected 20% of all dogs older than a year. Fortunately, a lot of great supplements can support dogs […]

Pet nutritional supplements will keep your dog’s joints in good health..

One of the most frequent ailments that dogs have is joint pain. According to a survey of 200 veterinarians, joint pains affected 20% of all dogs older than a year. Fortunately, a lot of great supplements can support dogs that are suffering from this severe illness. Daily vitamins are crucial to our family’s balanced health, and our four-legged, furry pals should not be different. Let’s discuss the best dog supplements and what to look for in pet nutritional supplements.

The old proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” comes to mind regarding safeguarding your dog’s joints. Many people think that dogs only need joint supplements when they start to showcase discomfort. However, preventative care may also be a part of proper joint care. Read on to discover the best nutritional supplements for your dog, which might significantly improve their quality of life.

How to find the perfect dogs’ joint care products?

The following points can help you in choosing the right products:

To assure quality and safety, carefully read labels.

Pick companies with reputable competence.

Be suspicious of assertions that seem too lovely to be true. Vitamin supplements are neither medicines nor universal cures.

Check the merchandise for a lot number. This indicates that the business does quality control inspections.

Human supplements should not be given to dogs since they may include toxic substances in canines.

Seek out companies that have paid for clinical tests on their goods.

Best dogs joint care products

1. VIVALDIS Condrovet Tablet

Condrovet is a patented, scientifically proven brand for joint problems in dogs. The Condrovet line has spread awareness of companion animal joint health worldwide.

In joint-related problems, Condrovet has demonstrated confirming results. It aids your pet’s healing from pain, stiffness, and limping. The outcomes might differ for every dog. To observe any noticeable results, it is advised to continue on the first dosage for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Manufacturer: Condrovet

Country of Origin: Spain

Form of Supplement: Tablets

Item Quantity: 30 Tablets

Active Ingredient: Chondroitin and Collagen


VIVALDIS Condrovet (30 tabs)-Joint Supplement |Helps Strength Joints & Relief Pain | with Chondroitin & Collagen| from Spain| for Dogs 3stripsx10 tab


2. CF Pets Chewable Hip and Joint Supplements

These chewy supplements come in chicken flavour, which eases the part of feeding medicine-like supplements to the dog. Its ingredients work together to maintain healthy hips, flexibility and strong joints. Their canine joint supplement contains MSM and chondroitin, which provide cartilage in the joints with the building blocks it needs to function correctly as the dog ages.

Your dog will be much more content running and jumping while playing at the early and later phases of its life if you give it this supplement for dog joint pain alleviation.

Manufacturer- Carbamide Forte

Country of Origin- India

Form of Supplement- Tablets

Item Quantity- 120 tablets

Active Ingredient- Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C


CF Pets Chewable Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs with Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM – Complete Mobility Support & Joint Support for Dogs, Puppy and Cats | Chicken Flavour – 120 Tablets




3. Megaflex Complete Nutritional Supplement

Your pet’s cartilage, tendons, and ligaments can be easily maintained with the Megaflex joint supplement for dogs. Both puppies and senior dogs can benefit from this supplement. It enhances joint strengthening for all younger animals and aids in the repairing of wear and tear sustained by the cartilage and tendons of older animals. This is a perfect product for fractures or ligament tears from competing and doing shows.

It is very rich in all kinds of vitamins, an adequate amount of calcium is added, energy ingredients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, minerals and nutrition demanded by the dog.

Manufacturer- Megaflex

Country of Origin- India

Form of Supplement- Powder

Item Quantity- 250 grams

Active Ingredient- New Zealand green-lipped mussel, willow’s bark, devil’s claw and gag’s


Megaflex Complete Nutritional Supplement for Joint Care for Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens, 250 g, 1 Piece




4. PET360 Joint+

For dogs, the PET360 Joint+ supplement offers high-quality nourishment that stimulates immunity and expedites recovery from illnesses and accidents. This immune-boosting product is the perfect dietary supplement for adults and younger dogs with trouble standing or walking.

It can be administered to pups, adults, and senior dogs. This supplement comes in a powder form and is easy to use with the dog. It helps to build Immunity and relieve Joint Pain and arthritis. This supplement also Treats Long-Term Disorders. It provides a Significant Boost to the Pet’s natural immunity, which aids in sickness and infection prevention and recovery from any illness. PET360 Joint+ is designed to increase mobility.

Manufacturer- ‎Amalgo Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Country of Origin- India

Form of Supplement- Powder

Item Quantity- 100 grams

Active Ingredient- Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM


PET360 Joint+ Chondroprotective Formula with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM | Hip, Joints, Cartilage Supplement for Adult Dogs, Puppy, Senior Dogs & Cats 100 gm




5. VVAAN Frowlich Advanced Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs

This supplement has MSM (Organically bound Sulphur) that strengthens tendons and ligaments. It also aids regeneration Glucosamine and Chondroitin provides nutrition for articular cartilage. On the other hand, Vitamin C has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects, which improve the absorption of active substances. Hyaluronic acid in the connective tissue improves cartilage viscosity and allows the dog for better joint movement as it ages.

It protects the dog from all kinds of joint problems, and its immunity-boosting powers will help the dog strengthen itself right from an early age.

Manufacturer- ‎VVAAN

Country of Origin- India

Form of Supplement- Tablets

Item Quantity- 40 tablets

Active Ingredient- MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane), Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid


VVAAN Frpwlich Advanced Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs 40 Tablets




6. Himalaya Mobility Plus Joint and Hip Supplement

The best part about the Himalaya Mobility Plus Joint supplement is that it is made of all herbal products, and no artificial ingredients have been added. Mobility Plus is a unique blend of herbal ingredients that support optimal bone and joint health in young and senior pets.

Since it is made out of herbal products, it has no side effects or harm—these supplements for pets aid in preventing excessive cartilage damage and restoration. The pills assist those with osteoarthritis in reducing pain and increasing mobility. These anti-inflammatory pills aid in the treatment of arthritis pain, swelling, and cartilage degradation. This product is suggested to be fed right from an early age of about four weeks so that there is enough nutrition in the body to help the dog fight these joint pains in the future.

Manufacturer- ‎Himalaya

Country of Origin- India

Form of Supplement- Tablets

Item Quantity- 60 tablets

Active Ingredient- Garlic, Avocado, Guggulu, Pineapple, Grape seed oil, Triphala and Ginger


Himalaya Mobility Plus Joint and Hip Supplement for Dog’s and Cats Pack of 60 Tabs Pet Health Supplements (60 Pieces)




7. Wowdog Chewable Calcium Tablet

Wowdog Calcium Tablet is enhanced with the ideal calcium-to-phosphorus ratio for a healthy skeletal system. Your pet’s healthy bones and teeth are maintained by essential nutrients combined with other nutrients, which are all evenly present in these chewable tablets. Since these tablets are chewy with unique flavours, it provides simple administration to the pet owners of picky eaters and makes them feel at ease.

Another key feature of this supplement is that this is a vegetarian product, and no artificial flavours or preservatives have been added. An innovative method of heat-free cooking has been applied to the product to preserve the natural integrity of all the individual ingredients. It also comes in two different sizes, 60 tablets and 120 tablets.

Manufacturer- ‎Wowdog

Country of Origin- India

Form of Supplement- Chewable Tablets

Item Quantity- 60 tablets and 120 tablets

Active Ingredient- Vitamin D3, B12, Magnesium & Zinc


Wowdog Chewable Calcium Tablet – Calcium for Dogs Supplement with Vitamin D3, B12, Magnesium & Zinc | Chicken Flavour – 120 Tablets




8. Pet Joint Tablets for Dogs

Early detection is key to preventing and treating joint issues. The vitamin helps with conditions like elbow and hip dysplasia. This supplement supports joint health by reducing pain, increasing joint mobility, delaying the onset of arthritis, and preventing it.

In addition, vitamin C and manganese sulphate support the preservation of joint health. As the dog starts getting older, regular daily activities and exercise decrease. In turn, joint flexibility and mobility problems keep increasing. Hence, It aids in easing sporadic pain brought on by regular everyday exercise.

Manufacturer- ‎Generic

Country of Origin- India

Form of Supplement- Tablets

Item Quantity- 24 Tablets

Active Ingredient- Vitamin C


Pet Joint Tablets for Dogs and Cat 12 Strips (Pack of 2)




Price of supplements at a glance:

Product Price
Vivaldis Condrovet Tablet Rs. 1,590
CF Pets Chewable Tablet Rs. 1,000
Megaflex Nutritional Supplement Rs. 1,025
PET360 Joint+ Rs. 450
VVAAN Frowlich Supplement Rs. 1,680
Himalaya Mobility Plus Tablets Rs. 890
Wowdog Chewable Tablets Rs. 449
Pet Joint Tablets Rs. 504

Best value for money

The Wowdog Chewable tablets are the best worth in exchange for their monetary value. Rich in calcium, they keep your pet from developing joint problems. It is also the best option for pet owners who prefer vegetarian products. These are chewy tablets, the easiest way to feed your dog supplements!

Best overall product

The Himalaya Mobility Plus Joint can be rated as the best overall product. The key feature of this very customer-attractive product is that it’s made of all-natural products. Himalaya itself is a very trusted long working brand in India. The results of this product have come out to be very satisfying as well!

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