PetCam Captures Moment Dog Home Alone Becomes ‘A Demon’

A rebel dog exploring his new home while being alone has learned the hard way that eyes are always on him.

Artemis the Aussiedoodle’s curiosity got the best of him as he wanted to take a look at what was inside the unpacked boxes. But just as his snoot was investigating, a loud voice came on through the pet camera, yelling his name.

Turns out his owners checked the pet cam to see what Artemis was up to and he was caught red-handed. The owner, known on TikTok as @reecedegoede, kept telling Artemis to stop, go to his place, and relax.

The caption reads: “Artemis the Anarchist stiles again.”

In the dog’s mind, no one was there physically stop him, which led him to keep looking through the boxes. He even went up to the camera to sniff out the seriousness of his actions.

The TikTok clip had 1 million views, 150,700 likes, and 1,473 comments as of Tuesday. Viewers were cracking up that Artemis was not afraid to stand up to authority.

A viewer pointed out what was going through the dog’s mind: “He’s like, “Dude you’re not even here.'”

“He really said, ‘You ain’t gonna tell me what to do,'” added another.

Other TikTok users knew the exact feeling that these owners must’ve gone through, claiming they have yelled at their pets through their phones from the most unusual of spots. This owner wrote in the comment section that they have done it in a club and bar.

“He knows exactly when we’re leaving for a little bit and it’s like he’ll become a demon just to show us how it’s really gonna be if we do him dirty,” the owner said.

Newsweek reached out to @reecedegoede via TikTok for additional comment.

Pet Cam Benefits

Having a pet camera doesn’t always mean catching dogs being naughty. These handy devices give pet parents a sense of ease when leaving their pets home alone. stated that owners of puppies can especially benefit from pet cameras with two-way audio to help correct any bad behavior. They will be able to speak to their fur baby and correct any barking, chewing, or other bad behaviors. Plus, many pet cameras also have built-in treat dispensers, allowing owners to reward good behavior.

Pet cameras are also beneficial for pets with separation anxiety. With the talking function, owners can soothe their pets via the pet cam. Some cameras might have interactive functions such as laser pointers. This will help owners initiate play while they’re away, which is a way to keep their pets entertained.

white curly haired dog
Stock image of a white, curly haired dog looking at the camera. An Aussiedoodle was caught red handed by the pet cam attempting to go through unpacked boxes.

Dani Sloan/Getty Images

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