When Nicole Yancy’s dog, Riley, began displaying erratic behavior on a recent Sunday afternoon, she and her boyfriend anxiously called around to local emergency veterinary clinics to no avail.  One clinic said they were too short-staffed. Another told the couple they were so backed up that they could only see […]

There’s a mural of a beach in the operating room of the Iowa Humane Alliance. The painted vista overlooks whimpering, shuffling masses burrito-ed in blankets with socks slid over their paws. Hypothermia is common in pets after surgery. So each shift as Dr. Jennifer Doll finishes with a dog, cat […]

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles is asking the community for help amid a pet food shortage, the organization said Monday. “If you are out shopping for your family, please think of shelters pets and grab a can or bag for them,” spcaLA President Madeline […]