Take the chill out of early-season lambing, kidding

Proactive nutrition and management steps can reduce the impacts of cold weather when lambing, kidding in winter months.

Lambing and kidding season may typically be associated with springtime, but more and more producers are shifting to get newborns on the ground earlier. Lambs and kids born in the first few months of the year have more time for growth and will be heavier at weaning – benefits for both the production and show sides of the industry.

Maximizing the benefits of earlier lambing and kidding means minimizing the impacts of cold weather stress on ewes and does, as well as newborn lambs and kids.

“Regardless of whether you’re in Arizona or Michigan, taking a few extra steps to prepare ewes and does to lamb or kid earlier in the year will help you manage the impacts of colder weather on your animals,” says Clay Elliott, Ph.D., small ruminant nutritionist with Purina Animal Nutrition.

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