There are some 85 million cats in American households, many of which are cherished family members. What is behind felines’ appeal to humans? Could it be their apparently choosy nature? And what is their effect on human health? This Special Feature investigates. Share on PinterestWhy are you so attached to […]

Pray for the Pharbs. On Friday, Phoebe Bridgers went on a “Chicken Shop Date” with Amelia Dimoldenberg and revealed that she likes all animals … except for cats. “I’m super allergic,” she said, adding that she also just doesn’t really see any positives to feline friends. “People will post on […]

Cat king, Germany, circa 1450. Credit: Scheibler’sches Wappenbuch – BSB Cod.icon. 312c Cats had a bad reputation in the middle ages. Their presumed links with paganism and witchcraft meant they were often treated with suspicion. But despite their association with the supernatural, medieval manuscripts showcase surprisingly playful images of our […]

A cat named Mimi who went missing on Long Island 10 years ago has finally found her way home. Mimi’s owner Richard Price — who recently retired to Spain — said he got a shocking call from the Brookhaven Animal Shelter last week that staff had found his long-lost companion, […]