Last year a man named Ben Joergens made it a project to answer, in quite granular fashion, a few questions that apparently had been gnawing at him. First, “What was N.Y.C.’s dog population profile like before COVID-19?” he wrote on Medium, where he published the results of his research. Second: […]

Watching the National Dog Show with your family on Thanksgiving Day may tempt you to bring home a new furry friend if you don’t have one (or enough) already.  Loving a dog may not cost you anything, but feeding, entertaining, accessorizing and taking your dog to the vet can add […]

This is so magical! Our hearts absolutely can’t stand this because this gorgeous Golden Retriever is just the sweetest baby ever. TikTok user @Whiskeytoller was walking her dog Whiskey through the park and when Whiskey started dragging mom to show her something. What she found is nothing short of magical. […]

Second in a series. The sudden loss of Big Blue triggered a derailment in the brains of the two young men who loved him. He was special to them and, yes, he ran loose but so did lots of other free-spirited Placitas dogs. It was a time of peace, love […]

Navó loves going on adventures with his family in the Netherlands. Whether it’s hiking or swimming, the lovable pup is always game. But even the most intrepid thrillseekers get scared sometimes — especially when there’s water involved. So, when Navó is feeling nervous, his dad supports him in the best […]